What Hazardous Substances Are Regulated by RoHS?

The following restricted substances are only allowed at very low levels (0.1% or less). Cadmium is only allowed at an even lower concentration of 0.01%.

List of restricted substances:

There are several exemptions for these substances that allow for their use in specific cases. You can find an exhaustive list of their exemptions in Annex III of the RoHS Directive, or read a summary in our guide to RoHS compliance.

What EEE is Covered by RoHS?

EEE is electrical and electronic equipment.

The RoHS directive specifically lists the following EEE:

eee covered by rohs - what is rohs

The RoHS directive also has a catch-all statement (in Category 11) saying “Other EEE not covered by any of the categories above”. So, even if your electronic devices don’t fall into the categories listed above, they may still be subject to RoHS regulations.